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Servers and Database Systems

Servers are specialized computers usually with extended characteristics of reliability, scalability and ease of servicing, together with the appropriate operating system. Servers with their software form an indispensable element of any IT infrastructure, in particular they function as WWW servers, mail servers, DNS servers, PROXY servers, back-up copy servers, database servers, firewall servers and many other applications.

Servers (RISC)

Sun Microsystems servers are based on the family of UltraSPARC processors and operate under the control of the Solaris operating system. Sun servers offer qualities of exceptional reliability and scalability and the Solaris system is one of the most stable and secure operating systems worldwide. The family of Sun Microsystems servers comprises machines from single- to 106-processor ones thus spanning the whole spectrum of application and database requirements.

Intel Servers

Intel servers, based on Pentium and Xeon processors, are usually scaled within the range of one to eight processors and operate under the control of Microsoft Windows and Linux systems. Intel servers are used as front-end Server for applications. Additionally, Intel servers working under the LINUX operating system may constitute, for non-critical applications, cost-effective substitutes for servers based on RISC processors.

Database access

The Database System comprises solutions providing an environment for the creation and maintenance of relating databases. They enable data gathering and analysis. Databases are usually part of bigger systems. Databases also include Data Wholesale systems - dedicated database solutions used for data aggregation and analysis.

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