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Security Systems

Ensuring system and information security is of critical importance for the operation of any organization. The selection of the appropriate system solution is subject to the security policy as determined by the organization and the value of the protected resources relating to the potential costs of their retrieval.


A firewall is a set of cooperating equipment and specialized software services that operates at the network edge to prevent undesired information flow. A firewall guarantees that any permitted communication fulfils the requirements set under the organization�s security policy. Firewalls are implemented in practice among others as network edge systems which separate the internal network from the public external network to guarantee secure out-going connections from inside a local network and protect the network against Internet hazards to the internal network.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

A specialized set of hardware, dedicated software and the relevant services and procedures, placed inside the protected network and responsible for detecting intrusions into network resources by analyzing the network traffic.

Content Security

A set of elements based on dedicated software and accompanied by professional services and procedures, protecting shared and individual resources against the harmful effect of computer viruses. Antivirus system modules are installed on protected servers, local network user stations and interfaces with external networks. They may also form one of the elements of the mail system responsible for scanning the incoming and outgoing mail.

Vulnerability Assessment

A specialized system based on dedicated software and professional services comprising rules for the start-up of and work with the IT system. The IT system modules are installed on protected network resources: servers, databases and network services. Protection is achieved through verification of the correctness of the configuration and the validity of the installed system overlaid their security.


A set of specialized software together with services and procedures for the use of the software and their application, responsible for the process of identification and authorization of the user or the active equipment element operating in a particular computer IT network. The system is applied to protect the network against unauthorized intruders (persons or system objects) and to make certain resources available to authorized users only.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A network of two-way tunnels established over public network channels "connected" using the Virtual Private Network (VPN), a set of virtual connections between specific users or computer networks connected to the public network that aims to guarantee transmission privacy and security.

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