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E-learning and Content Distribution Systems

Bringing content (information, film, training) as close to the end user as aims at achieving operational cost effectiveness by eliminating not only redundant data transmission using in the wide area network but also unnecessary travel costs of trained staff.


E-Learning - comprises all methods and ways of using the IT technology to manage, create, deliver and support the broadly-understood educational process. The range of e-learning activities includes: provision of the technological infrastructure (technology), design and delivery of the content (content) and the provision of distance-learning services (services).

E-Learning - a method for success

The development by any organization - and there are no exceptions  whatsoever to that rule - of ICT systems and the internet world is determined by its need to reduce costs and keep ahead of the competitors. This is becoming particularly important at the time of economic crisis as it its termed. Corporations and organizations focus on the reduction of costs and the development of more and more advanced products to be marketed as rapidly as possible. Traditional methods are extremely costly and time-consuming, especially if the rapidly changing information should be passed on to a large group of people, not infrequently geographically scattered. Then the use of electronic media, ICT infrastructure and the internet becomes indispensable.

For a long time now SOLIDEX has been offering elements necessary for the development of e-learning systems, from efficient base infrastructure to advanced Content Delivery Networks. We are now extending our range of products to include complementary Learning Management System (LMS) and Learning Content Management System (LCMS) solutions. These are supplied by the US companies of Panthlore and OutStart, leading in their fields and well recognized in the world. The clients of our new technological partners include organizations such as Cisco Systems, Lockheed Martin, US Navy, Citi Group, Toyota, and many others.

We enhance our offering of e-learning solutions with a package of professional services based on the expertise and experience of our SOLID Experts. As a result, we are prepared to implement e-learning systems to any scale and complexity.

LMS-class Systems

The Learning Management System (LMS) is a computer system that automates the process of management, administration, tracking and reporting any activities related to training (education) within one or more institutions.

The principal functions of the system are as follows:

  • management - including: designing time schedules of classes and courses, developing a catalogue of resources available, importing and making available (publishing) courses to the trainees, managing trainers' resources, resource management (training rooms, projectors, etc.), managing course fees,
  • tracking the educational process by recording data related to the training process for each individual trainee, following-up the trainers' activities, monitoring trainees' behaviors during their education, recording the educational process costs,
  • Reporting - with various types of reports on the learning results, student satisfaction, their behaviors in the educational process, as well as other reports of administrative nature.

CMS-class Systems

Learning Content Management System (LCMS) is an IT solution used for designing, creating, storing and delivering personalized training materials in the form of learning objects.
Such a system is recommended to companies which, using their own resources, are very much committed to:

  • running the training process based on their own knowledge, competencies, experience and know-how,
  • designing training curricula (also in the traditional form),
  • building a modern knowledge-based organization.

The LCMS system enables the organization to launch a fully manageable process of team work on the development of broadly understood content. Good LCMS-class solutions ensure the workflow management, enable the management of successive versions of components, preclude the possibility of two persons working on the same element at the same time, etc.

VCS-class systems

Virtual Classroom System (VCS) is a solution that enables distance learning management in the synchronous (live) mode. There is a variety of possibilities for collaboration, communication and knowledge distribution with immediate feedback.
High-quality solutions of this class enable inter alia:

  • conducting any training activities in the synchronic mode using: virtual boards, shared screens, shared applications, audio or video transmission, chat, etc.,
  • management of the live learning process, designing training materials to be used during training,
  • integrating the environment with other systems of different classes.

Content Delivery Network (CDN)

A system of physical or virtual networks, dedicated management software and professional services, developed to accelerate the delivery of content, transactions or applications. CDN systems comprise distribution and management, routing, switching, delivery of content to the network edge, and intelligent network services.

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