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E-commerce Systems

A form of electronically aided circulation of documents and on-line commercial operations. The implementation of e-commerce solutions optimizes the placing of orders, the monitoring of execution and non-cash payments thus reducing the organization's costs.


One of the most popular services provided to network users which allows for transmitting text messages (with attachments and/or multimedia references, if needed) between holders of mail addresses. In many firms and institutions, e-mail is the basic communication medium. Owing to its high speed, reliability and low unit costs of sending messages, there are no alternatives to e-mail now.

Applications and Websites

Simple applications operating on web objects and multimedia documents presented in the form of hypertext pages comprising, in addition to dynamically changeable content (text, sound, animation, video), also links to other websites and other services provided on the Internet (Mail, Telnet, FTP). WWW pages are frequently used as a universal interface enabling the use of applications by means of many types of equipment working on various software types.


The main website or a set of websites which are the starting point of the search undertaken by the user in the global Internet for detailed content within a portal. A thematic portal enabling hierarchical access to the items sought is called a vortal. One of the most interesting applications of portals are the so-called corporate portals or extended websites addressed to different groups of users associated with an organization.


A corporate portal is the gateway to moving in a speedy, convenient and secure manner between various applications made available to certain user groups. This may be in particular intranet for employees, extranet for commercial partners and a generally accessible WWW page for current and prospective clients.

User Register and Billing

A system comprising specialized software and professional services dedicated to register Internet system users, monitor their activity and to make available the system of billing the network services used during the sessions. User register and billing has many different applications now mainly as a result of the common application of charges for access to selected types of information (paid content).

Database Access

A system of services and dedicated applications enabling simple and complex database operations consisting in the establishment of databases, data collection and storage and the correct multimedia presentation on the basis of the direct access to data on WWW pages. The solutions offered guarantee the highest degree of security and reliability.

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SOLID Systems

SOLID Systems program now comprises seven classes of solutions indispensable for developing a reliable and secure IT infrastructure.


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