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Mass Storage

Effective recording, optimum access and security of information stored form the basis for the selection of the data storage system. The system should be cost-effective with respect to the value of the data stored.

Storage Area Network (SAN)

A dedicated, specialized local area or campus computer network enabling quick and reliable communication between servers and external or independent mass storage sources. SAN may be applied to connect servers to mass storages and to effect connections between servers and between mass storages.

Network Attached Storage (NAS)

Mass storage using fast local Ethernet, intermediate between SAN systems and the classical solutions integrating mass storage stations with the server. The NAS system can be quickly and easily connected to the existing network topology, thus becoming a transparent resource for all clients.

Data Archiving

A system of services and procedures setting out the rules for data collection, storage and retrieval, describing a certain finite period of time, often aided by a dedicated system of equipment together with specialized software. Data is usually archived on large and very large external capacity external carriers for storage over a longer period of time.

Data Backup

A specialized set of equipment together with dedicated software and professional services and procedures responsible for making back-up copies and retrieving the entirety of the operating system, including the user applications or identified files, file systems or data bases stored on the organization's hardware. Data may be copied onto internal or external carriers with the recording capacity and technology depending on the amount of data to be temporarily stored (until the next back-up copy is p made). The individual backup copying policy of the organization defines the protected resources, the copying schedule and the rules for data storage and retrieval to maintain the continuity of operation of the secured system.

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