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Data, Video and Voice Integration Systems

The aim to fully utilize IT resources is the main reason for the voice and data integration in the infrastructure.

The prospect of reducing the costs of telephone connections and having full control over their billing determines the implementation of data voice transmission and IP telephony solutions. Video-conferencing solutions not only facilitate the exchange of experience among members of a scattered team but also perform a role of integrating persons who work being at a distance one from another.

Voice Transmission (VoX)

Sending voice in the digital form using transmission in the form of L2 frames or IP protocol packages through the IT network. In order to establish effect voice connection from any stationary number connected to the traditional telephone system, VoX requires the use of voice gateway linking PSTN networks to the VoX system where voice signals are put into packets and compressed and the connection is established through the IT network.

IP Telephony

A system of effecting telephone connections using the VoIP standard. The system comprises a specialized complex set of telephone equipment which makes a direct use of the IP protocol to establish telephone connections. The system is based on IP telephone exchanges, voice gateways, gatekeepers and IP telephones. The IP telephony system is naturally integrated with the directory service system which usually contains a tele-address book shared by the organizations.

Operator-class solutions use more and more frequently soft switches that are characterized by greater efficiency and scalability of the number of telephone connections served.


Internet-based Television - a system of dedicated hardware, software, services and procedures enabling the control, archiving and distribution of television programs between the corporation's branches. The television signal is transmitted based on the IP protocol.


Videoconferencing - a system of dedicated hardware, software, services and procedures enabling to establish, control and effect a videoconference connection in one of the following arrangements: point-to-point, point-to-multipoint and multicast transmission.


Contact Center is a comprehensive system integrated with the Internet to serve clients who call the IT operator. The dialogue between the client and the system is supported with a number of specialized sub-systems: automated call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), computer telephone integration (CTI), elements of client identification and cooperation with external databases. The Contact Center is created jointly by agents working with the clients following the promotion, marketing and/or sales strategy adopted by the given company, using a variety of communication media (telephone, e-mail, fax, Internet, VoIP, etc.).

IP Telephony Billing

IP Telephony Billing - specialized software dedicated to the billing of telephone calls made through the IT network based on the IP protocol and using the IP telephony technology to establish voice connections.

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