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Services for equipment and systems

Information and ICT systems have reached the status of the most critical resources at almost any enterprise and organization becoming, over the past decade, of strategic importance. Indeed, it is a fact now that firms which do not have appropriate information and access to the ICT system that supports day-to-day work would not be competitive and effective in their operations and business.

The dependence of companies' operations on information and access to the ICT system involves certain risks too, the major one being loss of access to information, most frequently caused by loss of access to the ICT system. There may be a number of causes for this and the following three come into the fore:


  • failure of the hardware platform,
  • software failure, or
  • failure of the communication medium, that is, the network.

What can be done then to eliminate in full, or minimize, the risk of the occurrence of such undesirable events? One of the ways is to use professional services with the appropriate Service Level Agreement (SLA.)

The services under this category have been grouped as follows: Advance Replacement (AR), support on-site (DS-Decide on-site Support), Software Support (SS), System Maintenance (SM), Monitoring (MO) and System Development (SD).

Advance Replacement

The services within this group can be alternatively termed as guaranteed spare part delivery. Within this service, the client has a guarantee of provision of spare parts or replacement equipment within a specified timeframe and to the agreed destination. In order to enable notification of failures and damage to the equipment covered by the service, SOLIDEX provides the client with specific communication channels (e-mail, telephone, fax).

This service is available at nine different time options, differing in their durations and guaranteed timeframes for the delivery of spare parts/replacement equipment.

This service is used mainly by clients who have a competent team of qualified engineers and to ensure the required continuity of operation they need operating equipment or spare parts. The client's specialists are responsible for the diagnosis, identification of the problem source and problem elimination while SOLIDEX guarantees the delivery of spare parts where the cause of the failure is in the hardware platform.

The services relating to the delivery of spare parts form an extension of the WR-Warranties group. They comprise timely delivery of spare parts or replacement parts/equipment for the duration of the repair of the part or the damaged piece of equipment to the location as specified in the agreement, with a guarantee that the repair work is completed within a specified period of time.

On-site Support for Hardware with Software

The services within this group ensure support to the client with respect to individual items of equipment, in particular:

  • access to the SOLIDEX Service Centre through specified communication channels to notify technical problems with regard to the serviced parts,
  • recording of the call at the SOLIDEX service base (allocation of an identification number thereto),
  • remote diagnosis of the problems notified,
  • diagnosis of the hardware and software problems notified on-site (if required and justified),
  • problem escalation to the manufacturer's service centre in the case SOLIDEX has difficulty solving them itself,
  • repair of the failure of the equipment covered by the service.

If spare parts or replacement equipment are required for the repair, the client must provide the necessary hardware elements unless it has purchased from SOLIDEX a service in the Advanced Replacement group.


The services within this group are designed for clients who have their own stock of replacement parts or access to parts provided under other arrangements, but do not have the required human resources to diagnose and identify the source of the problem and subsequently repair the failure.

These services form an extension of the Warranties (WR) and Advanced Replacement (AR) group. They comprise service support on-site for hardware with software under the agreement, including qualified diagnosis and repair service, with a guaranteed time for the commencement of the diagnosis and repair undertaken immediately thereafter by a qualified engineer.

Support for Software

Software is becoming increasingly complex and multifunctional. However, clients do not always need to use the full functionality offered by the software - for example for reasons of security or efficiency. Therefore SOLIDEX offers software support services to provide clients with assistance to enable the software used at the client's organization to realize its optimum functionality. Modifications leading to achievement of this situation can only be performed by high-class specialists such as our SOLID EXperts.
Technical support for the software under the relevant agreement comprises remote assistance or on-site if required (in the case of a failure). It includes a diagnosis of errors (with a guaranteed time for its commencement) and configuration error repair undertaken by a qualified engineer immediately following the diagnosis. In the case of an error in the software, the support provides for its repair immediately after the update/new version is provided by the manufacturer.

Other Services

In addition to long-term services, SOLIDEX also offers incidental services. These enable its clients to use SOLIDEX service teams in the case of sudden failures and problems with the operation of hardware even though the client has not bought a long-term service option from SOLIDEX.
Under the incidental service, the client has the right to notify a problem relating to a piece of equipment or system covered thereby and have a diagnosis performed and/or (depending on the option selected) have the problem eliminated.

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