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Networks/Systems Maintenance and Support

Networks/systems maintenance

In complex ICT systems, sometimes situations occur where the identification of the source of the problem is very difficult and requires excellent expertise, a lot of experience and specialist tools. Otherwise, it would be very difficult to take effective remedial actions.

With a view to meet the needs of clients who may be exposed to such situations, SOLIDEX has designed services in the System Maintenance group. These provide the client with the assistance of high-class specialists in undertaking a diagnosis and identifying problem sources. It should be borne in mind, however, that such a service does not ensure problem elimination but indicates the element that is the source of the problem, e.g. equipment, operator's connection, dynamic routing protocol, etc. Under this service, work is done on a remote basis, and in justified cases the client has the time for the initiation of on-site action guaranteed.

System Maintenance services can and should be extended to include services that will eliminate the problem even in the event of a failure of the hardware platform. Therefore, an optimum solution for the client is to use a specific service from the System Maintenance group to ensure the identification of the problem source, and the covering of the system hardware by the applicable service from the Advanced Replacement and Device on-site Support groups to enable problem repair.
Additionally, clients can access the HOT-LINE service within the SOLIDEX Service Centre.

The services relating to network/system care are an extension of the group of WR- Warranties, AR-Advance Replacement and DS-Device on-site support/SS-Software Support. They ensure advice and service assistance in the maintenance of networks/systems operated on a continuous basis, including remote advice and the necessary visits of qualified engineers aiming at solving operational problems relating to the communication of equipment and its proper work in the network. This service guarantees the time for the commencement of advice and problem diagnosis by a qualified engineer.

Networks/systems Monitoring

Even the most automated system requires continued supervision, monitoring and tuning.
Monitoring is one of the key factors determining correct operation of an ICT system. The following elements need to be combined to perform monitoring services:

  • Through professional knowledge of the persons operating the system, 
  • Efficient and reliable organization, 
  • Reliable software and hardware tools to support human work.


However, it is only an effective combination of these three elements that can ensure correct functioning of an ICT system and its proper supervision. Correct combination of these factors is not an easy task though. It requires extensive experience and many years of practice. Therefore SOLIDEX with its 14 years of presence on the Polish ICT market is certainly a reliable partner in that regard. Above all, however, the SOLIDEX Management and Monitoring Centre is characterized by a number of unique technical and organizational advantages which confirm its potential:

  • Team of top-class experts 
  • Proven client service and problem escalation procedures 
  • Physical security 
  • Information security 
  • High functional reliability 
  • Top quality confirmed with the ISO 9001:2001 certificate
  • Ancillary services 
  • Availability 24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The network/system monitoring services form a natural complement of the service package for the Advance Replacement (AR) and Device on-site support (DS) / Software Support (SS) and System Maintenance (SM) groups. They ensure continued care of the network and system thus releasing the client from the obligation to monitor the status and correctness of operation of network/system elements. They comprise the detection of failures and overloads during a guaranteed period of time, reporting the actions performed and notifying failures or defects in order to launch remedial services when the client's required competence of service fails. In the case of services for the Advance Replacement (AR) and Device on-site support (DS) /Software Support (SS) and System Maintenance (SM) groups, the relevant remedial action is undertaken immediately by SOLIDEX services, which shortens the time required for problem elimination and releases the client from the obligation to provide its own service throughout the time of operation of the hardware.

Networks/systems Development

This comprises a number of specialist operations outside the servicing coverage which are necessary for ensuring correct development of the network/system, including: remote access to direct manufacturer's support, right to test software versions and a package of consultation and advisory services provided by the highly qualified and experienced experts of SOLIDEX

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