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Implementation Services

The implementation of an ICT system or its modification usually form the main stage of implementation of an IT project. At this stage, all analyses, consultations or technical design become a reality, and the arrangements, figures and diagrams take a real shape. For a system to begin to lead a life of its own, it is not infrequent that a lot of effort, attention and special supervision are required. The professionalism and experience of specialists are among the key conditions for success. An issue which is among the more difficult ones in organizational and technical terms is the modernization or replacement of existing systems, or their parts. resulting from the need to implement new solutions - often referred to as system migration. The SOLIDEX team has proven its abilities in such projects as well.

Recommending ourselves as a SOLID contractor and your partner in the implementation process, we offer a set of required actions based on the experience of our staff, technologies and manufacturers' support as well as our strong technical service and laboratories. This category comprises the following services: installation (IS), technical training (TT), technical laboratories (TL) and the so-called miscellaneous technical work (TW).

Installation and implementation works

On the basis of the implementation design, the hardware delivered is installed at the client's site. Installation comprises the final compilation of equipment, assembly, connections to the power and telecommunications networks (WAN, MAN), the computer network (LAN) and the installation of the appropriate software.
The hardware and software are configured in accordance with the implementation design to the extent necessary to attain the previously designated functionality. Software is becoming increasingly complex and multi-functional. It is not always, however, that the client needs to use the full functionality offered by the software - for example for reasons of security or efficiency. Therefore SOLIDEX offers software tuning support services to configure the software for it to realize its optimum functionality. The installation and implementation work entails a set of comprehensive services beginning with installation and configuration arrangements, through assembly and installation, to configuration, instructions provided on-site, tests and post-installation documentation.

Technical trainings

Even the simplest IT system requires qualified servicing. In planning the implementation and operation of any system, one has to provide for proper personnel preparation and training - which is a pre-condition for success. For the fourteen [uwaga w oryginale jest trzynaście] years of SOLIDEX's existence, SOLID expertise has formed the foundation for the company's development. We share that expertise with our clients during conferences, seminars, training courses and practical workshops run by our trainers and experts. In 1998, our ICT Center "Integrator" was awarded the status of Cisco Authorized Learning Partner which testifies to the high quality of the courses and the expertise of our trainers. Several thousand specialists from hundreds of the biggest corporations and organizations have attended our training courses. Technical training is run according to SOLIDEX's partners' program or in line with SOLIDEX's program developed in-house. It comprises theoretical lectures and practical laboratory sessions.
Details of the program and the current training schedule are provided at

Technical Laboratories 

Well-trained employees aware of their expertise constitute one of the principal factors affecting the efficiency of operation of ICT systems. Even the best support on the part of the provider / integrator is incapable of fully replacing the personnel responsible for the operation of the system. While the theoretical foundation is very important, actual experience is gained only during practical sessions. Our clients are also offered workshops where theoretical knowledge is kept to an absolute minimum, while most of the time is spent improving practical skills with the assistance of experienced specialists. Our offer includes workshops on secure operation of firewall systems, VPN network development, wide area network management, one-time password systems, and many others.

Miscellaneous Technical Works

As a result of the fast development of ICT technologies, not all services needed during their operation can be anticipated and planned beforehand. It is precisely the dynamics of changes in ICT infrastructures that generate demand for non-standard-specific services adapted to meet the client's actual requirements. Quite frequently, specialized services play a key role in the adaptation of ICT infrastructures and relate to the need to introduce quick changes enforced by the competitive market.
Miscellaneous technical work comprises support from engineers with different specializations in testing, audit, tubing and reconfiguration of ICT systems. Aiming to address the ever-changing requirements of clients and their individual needs, SOLIDEX offers flexible support provided by the team of its SOLID EXperts.

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