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Deliveries and warranties

 Well-made and precise technical design and implementation planning are the basic conditions for a secure IT project.
Any implementation should be preceded and conditioned by proper agreement on the concepts and the results of the design process.

Technical and implementation designs perform two basic functions:

  • make it possible to clearly identify most of the details between the client and the service provider even before the implementation phase (to save time and money of both parties), and
  • constitute the binding arrangements for the subsequent implementation of the solution.


The designs require both qualified expertise as well as extensive experience. The expertise and experience of our SOLID Experts, supported with pragmatic design and documentation methodology constitute the basis for the quality of our designs. Presented below are several selected types of designs that we provide to our clients.

 Well-made and precise technical design and implementation planning are the basic conditions for a secure IT project.
Any implementation should be preceded and conditioned by proper agreement on the concepts and the results of the design process.

Security Policies

Security policies constitute an inseparable part of any IT system. They set the rules for the system operation and determine its security to a large extent. The development of a good security policy is a work of skill. Our experience and expertise allow us to offer services in the development of security policies for the IT infrastructure systems.

VPN Design

The Virtual Private Networks (VPN) are becoming an increasingly popular method of communication for companies with many branches or mobile employees providing services to local clients, such as commercial representatives. Independence of the location, ease of communication, possibility to quickly respond to the client's needs, as well as low operation costs constitute very strong incentives for the development of this form of communication.
SOLIDEX offers its services in the area of designing applications based on the VPN technology.

Secure Network Gateway

The issue of secure contact between networks can be considered in many aspects. This applies not only to the edge of the corporate network and the Internet but also any other point where it is necessary to separate and control the access, such as the contact point between the manufacturing and office networks.

Design of an "AAA" Solution in a Corporate Network

Authentication, Authorization and Accounting should constitute the basic security mechanisms in corporate networks. That is why any organization that takes security seriously must have a solution in place that enables the implementation of an "AAA" solution.

SOLIDEX offers a comprehensive service resulting in a technical design of an "AAA" solution in the client's corporate network. The service includes the proposal of an authentication system that best matches the client's needs as well as solutions enabling authorization and accounting.

Design of E-learning Environment

A positive result of the Audit of e-learning Implementation Readiness indicates that the correctly performed implementation can yield the business results desired by the company. One of the key elements that determine the success of e-learning implementation is the correct design of its environment.

The environment design is prepared on the basis of, and in close cooperation with the client's IT and personnel departments. The environment design also involves all other departments that are to benefit from the implementation. The design aims not only at selecting the appropriate systems and modules but also at preparing the specifications of their configurations, adapting them for the needs of the client and their future applications.

IP Telephony Design

Usually, when implementing IP telephony, the client has extensive experience in the use of classical telephone systems. Therefore the most important element of the design is to reflect the functions used to date and to establish new functionality that is unique for the IP telephony environment. Detailed design arrangements require a series of mutual consultations and presentations of the system's potential. Other elements include a detailed description of the implementation, implementation schedule, method of performance of acceptance tests and system extension potential.
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