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Advisory and design services

One of the crucial factors determining the success of any project is correct identification of the needs of its prospective users, definition of requirements and limitations that may affect the functionality of the solution.

The services that enable proper preparation of project implementation through detailed identification of input data have been defined in the category of Advisory and Design Services which comprises the following: analytical (AN), audit (AU), consultation (CO) and design (DG) services.


The capability to think analytically combined with thorough expertise are important factors that determine the quality of the analytical work performed. Equally important in the process of analysis, however, is the methodology developed as the organization acquires experience and practice.

The first group in the category of Advisory and Design Services comprises analytical services aimed to identify the client's needs, define its requirements and identify the limitations which may affect project implementation.

The services comprise analytical work undertaken by highly-qualified and experienced specialists, to include data collection, definition of requirements, analysis of data and conditions, as well as the formulation of conclusions in the form of a report. This may also comprise other special activities to be agreed with the client. The services are provided within the client's premises or at SOLIDEX. The basis for settlements are the reports specifying the work done and the time and place of project implementation.


An audit is a comparison of the actual state with the expected or recommended condition. Therefore, the performance of an audit requires a "template" which constitutes a point of reference. What can be comprised in a template? These should be:

  • requirements and recommendations defined in the Security Policy and the related low-level documents,
  • set of good practices as defined by the manufacturer of the solution (software, hardware or the whole solution),
  • set of good practices defined by the experts in the respective field.

Based on its profound knowledge of issues relating to the design and development of LAN/WAN and the many years of practical experience of its experts in the field of ICT system security, SOLIDEX has developed and implemented its own methodology of performing LAN/WAN security audits, based on the rules as specified in the following documents: BS 7799  (British Standard 7799) and SSE - CMM (Systems Security Engineering - Capability Maturity Model), commonly recognized as the best sets of guidelines and rules concerning ICT networks. Additionally, SOLIDEX can also offer audits of exposure to DdoS (Distributed Denial of Service) attacks.

Audit work comprises services provided by highly-qualified and experienced specialists, data collection, definition of requirements, analyses of data and circumstances and formulation of conclusions in the form of a report (end product).


Macro-economic changes and continued dynamic technological developments necessitate changes in the structure of ICT systems, their organization and the related procedures. A driving force behind these changes is also the struggle to maintain a competitive position on the market.

In many cases, IT team members in companies responsible for the maintenance of such systems are unable to follow all innovations and trends in the technological developments.
In order to make informed choices and take the right decisions relating to the modification or extension of an ICT system, it is worth while to use professional consultation services.
SOLIDEX consultants can offer their expertise and experience.

SOLIDEX puts at the disposal of its partners a team of high-class specialists in different fields, with varied experience and competencies, such as:

  • network assistants,
  • network engineers,
  • security engineers,
  • mass-storage engineers,
  • system engineers, and
  • CCIE engineers.

Particularly noteworthy are consultants in the elite group of CCIE engineers (Cisco Certified Internetwork Experts).
Consultation services usually cover pre-design advice and issues relating to network or system maintenance or extension.


The last group of services defined in the category of Advisory and Design Services are design-related services.
A well made and precise technical design and implementation plan is a basic condition for a secure ICT project.

Technical and implementation designs fulfil two basic functions:

  • they enable clear identification of most of important details between the client and the contractor still before the commencement of implementation
  • they produce binding material which forms the basis for subsequent implementation.

SOLIDEX offers advanced design services. The work is performed by highly qualified and experienced specialists based on pre-defined assumptions or conclusions from the analyses or audits. The work aims to develop the concept, technical or implementation design or other technical/economic documentation.

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