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SOLIDEX is awarded the status of Citrix's Silver Partner

Citrix Sytems awarded the Silver Partner status to SOLIDEX in August 2002. That crowned two years of co-operation between these two companies. As Citrix's solutions are required by many of SOLIDEX's current clients, the award of the Silver Partner status meets their needs. With our specialized engineering staff we are proud to offer our always SOLID services.



SOLIDEX meets all criteria to achieve a IP/Telephony Revised Specialization

SOLIDEX has met the resource requirements for a IP/Telephony Revised Specialization and demonstrated that they are qualified to support customers with their IP/Telephony Revised Specialization in Poland



SOLIDEX meets all criteria to achieve a Wireless LAN Specialization

SOLIDEX has met the resource requirements for a Wireless LAN Specialization and demonstrated that we are qualified to support customers with their Wireless LAN Specialization in Poland.



SOLIDEX Provides Servicing to the Network and Equipment of the Social Security Company (ZUS)

On 18 September 2002, SOLIDEX and the Social Security Company (ZUS) signed a contract for post-warranty service of the ZUS network. This is the biggest service contract in the company's history comprising three years of post-warranty servicing of the ZUS network together with the inventory-taking of the whole of the network and a package of consulting services. SOLIDEX has been selected through a competitive bidding process.



SOLIDEX has eight CCIEs

The group of SOLIDEX engineers has increased by another CCIE. SOLIDEX is thus a company with eight experts with this certification.



Cisco EXPO 2002

On 8-9 October 2002, the conference and exhibition "Business Solutions, Products and Technologies of Cisco Systems and Its Partners" - Cisco EXPO 2002 will be held. It will be the first event to such a huge scale organized in Poland and addressed to persons involved in both technical and business aspects of implementing advanced communication systems.



Who are the Leaders? - "SOLIDEX is a company going up fast in our ranking lists"

"SOLIDEX is a company going up fast in our ranking lists " says the report on the "Polish IT Market 2001 - TELEINFO 500". We are glad to read these words of appreciation from the organizers of one of the most prestigious reports on IT firms. We are particularly glad since the company noted a SOLID and regular growth also in the last year that was difficult for the IT sector "It was another, twelfth year of regular growth and development" comments the President of SOLIDEX S.A. Zbigniew Skotniczny "The market has appreciated our consistent SOLID reliability and specialization confirmed by numerous certificates and, above all, by SOLID IT systems to large scales that we have successfully implemented".


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